At the beginning of August 2020 specialists of RT Alliance LLP performed work on disassembling and assembling of bolted joints on production facility in the Aktobe region. Previously similar work was performed last year.
This is the proof that the quality of the work performed is duly appreciated by the Customer.


«On March 15, a state of emergency was introduced in Kazakhstan. Despite the difficult situation in the country and the world, many subjects of large and medium-sized business continued their activities. Our company has complied with all requirements on safety measures of employees at the workplace according to the resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Physician of the Republic of Kazakhstan has performed work on the groove of sealing surfaces of flange connections during the scheduled repair of the plants. The works were carried out between April 25 and May 4 in the Nizhny Novgorod region at the refinery. The mobilization and demobilization of personnel and equipment took place without hindrance»

Work has been done to seal the leakage of hydrocarbons on the flange joint.

The work is complicated by the presence of a spectacle blind, so it was necessary to develop an individual solution.
Location: RF., Republic of Bashkortostan
Period: February 2020

December 2019. Omsk

Аt the end of December 2019, a team of highly qualified personnel was sent to the city of Of the Russian Federation (Omsk) to an industrial site for testing for tightness and air purging of pipelines.


Recently our Bolting team has done job in Aktobe region at the one of compressor stations.

Recently our Bolting team has done job in Aktobe region at the one of compressor stations. The job was to untighten compressor cover using Hydraulic wrench and tight back once maintenance has finished. Job was done successfully and safely on time

December, 2019. Mangistau region. Carried out work on the bolted joints with hydraulic wrenches with a controlled torque value.


Scope of the work is to tighten the joints of metal structures evenly and with a fixed torque,to ensure the reliability of the installation of containers on the offshore platform further.Involved 2 specialists of the RT Alliance staff and set of hydraulic torque equipment Torsion-X.Along the perimeter of five containers our specialists tightened more than a thousand joints.


In early November 2019, our company specialists carried out work to detect leaks on a 6″ underground pipeline at a field in the Atyrau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As known when hydrotesting underground pipelines, it is impossible to determine the leak location without opening the soil along the pipeline, which can entail huge losses of time and money. In this case, our specialists discovered the location of leakage using high-tech equipment without opening the ground, which was complicated by weather conditions – unprecedented snow and snowstorm for th region found during the work.